About us

Berininov is a pioneer in Cad-Cam technology.  Berininov introduced Interactive Modular CAD CAM Orthodontic Systems in India for the first time. What are the limitations of the current technology available in India today? In India only CAD CAM Lingual Orthodontics is available. Here stock Brackets are customised with a metal bracket base to make customized Lingual Bracket. But in Modular Orthodontics, the brackets are split into its consistent parts by a powerful CAD Software and each part of the bracket is adjusted to that particular patient. This tool is an excellent assistant to the creative orthodontist. Here all the needs of the orthodontist are taken care off. We provide a unique platform that can help unravel your talents in the field of orthodontics and provide your patients with the state of the art orthodontics driven by world-class technology.

Revolutionary Technology. India’s first Interactive CAD CAM Facility

Berininov for the first time in Cad Cam Industry put the orthodontist first.    All other CAD CAM labs in India sells brackets with customized basis.  Berininov Does not believe in that.  Berininov, that it is the orthodontist who has to decide the treatment and lab is only a facility to provide what the orthodontist demands.  So we introduced many states of the art technology into orthodontics,  many of them patent pending to name a few T-POT  A method to find out the best tooth positioning an orthodontist prefers. This is done by analyzing the previous cases treated by the orthodontist.  LAMBDA Aligning system an orthodontist with a little experience can use this and plan the best treatment for his patient.  Introduced technology so that cost of the appliance is reduced to almost half of that of the cost involved in the industry.  Berininov believes in interactive technology.  Were the Orthodontist is the one who decides the treatment procedure not the technician in the laboratory.

You choose the appliance, You choose the base pattern, You choose the slot orientation, You choose the bracket design, You can decide your own combinations.

Our platform is primarily aimed at providing support to various fixed appliance systems.  The support is provided right from diagnosis to treatment planning. This platform is also an area for major scientific deliberations and active discussions among various orthodontists. Finally, the platform is engaged in the fabrication of an appliance system, custom designed for each patient.

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