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Berininov is a customised orthodontic treatment system. Normally orthodontic treatment is done with dental clips fixed in front of the teeth. These are known as labial appliance. They come in bulk, and can be used in any patient.

A customised orthodontic appliance is an orthodontic device specially fabricated for you. It is done by taking certain values of each person's teeth and it is specially made for each person. So, it is very precise and highly efficient



The brackets being customised can be used on the front side of the teeth and will look similar to the normal dental braces. But since they are customised, they can be used to fix behind the teeth and can be made invisible too. When fixed behind the teeth, they are lingual braces.

At Berininov, we also develop a special kind of dental clip which is absolutely trouble free, completely invisible and fixed (no need to remove – No socially embarrassing moments) and highly efficient. At Berininov, we use core CAD CAM Technology for doing this.

"Where Aligners Stop Working, Lingual Orthodontics Begins"


This is a unique completely new Orthodontic system developed at Berininov with the support of the Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The bracket system has undergone many pre-clinical trials and later tried on patients with excellent results.  This unique system is completely invisible, comfortable and is easy to use.  They do not interfere with the speech of the patient.  They can be used in any situation and will give excellent results.  

This is especially use full in cases that cannot be managed with normal aligners.  And it has given impressive results in many situations that might otherwise require surgical corrections.




These are removable dental clips where treatment is programmed into a shell like device that snap fits to the teeth.  These are appliances which are very precise and gives excellent results.  It has the limitation that it cannot be used in all situations but in very good in certain conditions. A variety of such brands are available at Berininov. Invisalign, Clearalign, clearpath etc to name a few.  Consult your doctors at Berininov for more detailed information on the same.  

What is CAD CAM technology ?

CAD CAM is computer aided designing and manufacturing. Your doctor either scans the dentition directly or takes an impression and send it to the Digital CAD CAM Laboratory at Berininov Advanced Orthodontic Systems.  At the Lab these physical models are converted into Digital Dental Models using very precise 3D Scanners.

Once converted  into digital model, the powerful software at Berininov digital laboratory picks up the precise values of your dentition and convert that to a very accurate digital profiles that can be manipulated according to well defined algorithms.  This data thus created with precision and care are used by the digital technicians at Berininov to process the customised Orthodontic braces.  All done under the guidance of doctors and is programmed to extreme precision.  


Ceramic Braces


These are tooth coloured dental clips fixed to the teeth with the idea of moving them to the desired direction.  They are not invisible but they do not have the metallic appearance



This is the most common invisible dental clip.

Lingual appliance


This is a completely invisible and fixed dental brace

Bubble Brace

A Unique Orthodontic System that is completely invisible and can be used in the correction of even the most difficult facial abnormality


Our Address

Berininov Advanced Orthodontic Systems, 

Door No 56/3441, 1st floor, GCDA Shopping Complex, Panampally Nagar, Cochin 682036 \\ Tel: 0485 2833479  

Mob: +919567400500, +919447796479

Berininov Advanced Orthodontic Systems, 

Valiyakulangara Buildings, Govt. High School Road, Muvattupuzha, 686661 \\ Tel: 0485 2833479  

Mob:  +919447796479

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