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About US

The research at Berininov originated as a project for advancement in aligners. Few years of working with aligners gave us an insight into the working of aligners, its limitations and its advantages. Though aligners are an orthodontic treatment option, it is not as effective as fixed appliances.

The major advantage of aligners was that they are unnoticeable. The major limitation of normally fixed appliances available now has other limitations like injury to the tongue and interference in speech etc.

Years of working with aligners and lingual orthodontics gave us an insight into the limitations of their systems and what further development is needed in the future of invisible orthodontics. It was then that we developed the idea of Bubble Brace.


Thus, Berininov super specialized in treatment with aligners, lingual orthodontics and still later Bubble Brace.



Years of Experience

Smiles and many to go


Master Certifications


Happy Staff


Our Mission & Vision

We design excellent smiles but one vision is to generate “confidence” in the person.

"Lingual Braces Gives Better Control In Surgery Avoidance Situations"

From The Founder

Berininov is a brain child of Dr. Benoy Mathew Valiyakulangara.  Dr Benoy worked as a consultant orthodontist at Lissie Hospital Ernakulam for over a decade.  Later he joined academics but continued his clinical and the research work.  He was awarded the prestigious NIDHI PRAYAS grant for his work on Invisible Braces by the Dept of Science and Technology Government of India through “Timed“ the Medical Technology development wing of SCTIMST,  (Sree ChitraThirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology) Trivandrum.  

Later he continued his clinical work on Invisible Braces and streamlined  its efficiency, which has become one of the best Invisible orthodontic systems in practice now.  It is very easy for the patient to wear and very easy for the doctor to use.  It gives excellent results and is presently the only customized orthodontic treatment system available in India now.  We offer this service through Berininov Advanced Orthodontic Systems to the public.  

Dentist Chairs


Visited the clinic and the doctor was extremely helpful, took me through the details of the new type of Ortho treatment, one which aint visible from outside. Defenitely signing up.

Paul Mandoli

I am using Berininov lingual brackets since 4 year. I am quite happy with the lab are it is very much approachable to me.

Dr. Hari

Berininov’s individualized to correct malocclusion using high quality Cad Cam engineering and end to end integration is fantastic. The patients are also happy with the low profile of the lingual brackets we would recommend Berininov for using day to day clinical practice.

Dr. Kohli

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