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Our Services

Berininov Orthodontics is a super specialty center for invisible orthodontics. At Berininov, we have all under one roof. The traditional braces and the latest advancements in orthodontics.

Some of the Services we do at Berininov includes:

  1. Normal Metal Brace to Ceramic Braces.

  2. From aligners to Lingual Orthodontics.

  3. Advanced Bubble Brace.

  4. Surgery Replacement Procedure.

  5. Dentofacial Orthopaedic Appliances

  6. Growth Modulation Procedure.

  7. Removable Retainers & Fixed Retainers.



Metal Braces 

Very efficient and affordable orthodontic appliances can be used to achieve  very good facial connection.


Ceramic Braces

Almost similar in efficiency as metal brackets. The difference is that it is teeth coloured and not so obvious as Metal Braces. Better precision and control than normal Orthodontic Braces.These are dental clips fixed to the teeth with the idea of moving them to the desired direction. Here, the braces are made of ceramic and they do not show out like metal braces.
Highly efficient and can be used in any situation. Though tooth coloured, they are not invisible and can be seen from outside.




These are removable dental clips where treatment is programmed into a shell like device that snap fits to the teeth.  These are appliances which are very precise and gives excellent results.  It has the limitation that it cannot be used in all situations but in very good in certain conditions. A variety of such brands are available at Berininov. Invisalign, Clearalign, clearpath etc to name a few.  Consult your doctors at Berininov for more detailed information on the same.  


Lingual Orthodontics

These are Completely invisible orthodontics Systems. These dental clips are fixed from behind the teeth so no braces are visible.  They are extremely efficient and can be used to manage any type of facial dental Abnormality. 

The limitation of this system is that in some individuals it causes mild irritation to the tongue and at times the speech is affected.



Bubble Braces

A new advancement in Customised Orthodontic Systems, where the appliance is fabricated using CAD CAM technology. This System of treatment is completely invisible.  Highly efficient.  They can be used to manage any difficult situation.  They are very comfortable to the patient.  They can be used to manage any type of situation from the most simplest to the most complex facial abnormality and in even surgery replacement procedures.  Added to that as these braces are fixed to the teeth they are very convenient and easy to manage.  This is a unique completely new beneficial system developed at Berininov with the support of the Dept. of Science and Technology Government of India. 


Surgery Replacement Procedure

Many patients present with abnormalities that would require surgical correction. But the recent developments in orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics has devised methods to avoid this  Surgical procedure and provide extremely good results. They are used along with normal braces, Bubble braces, or Lingual Braces.  

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Growth Modulation Procedure

At early phases a variety of abnormalities that might develop later into severe developmental defects of the face can be managed by growth modulation procedures. An abnormality during its development phase can be managed to such and extend that future major abnormalities can be entirely avoided or can be used to reduce its severity.  An early diagnosis is important in these situations.


Dentofacial Orthopaedics Procedure

Certain abnormalities with excess growth of the facial skeleton can be managed by this method. Like growth modulation procedures, this is also used during the growing phase of a person and early diagnosis is important.

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Retention procedures

After treatment, the teeth is to be held in the corrected position. For this many type of retainers are used. They include fixed retainers and reversible retainers.  A variety of such retainers are available at Berininov.  Consult your doctor at Berininov for best advice.


Surgical Orthodontics

Though a lot of surgeries can be avoided by using the latest methods in orthodontics,  some corrections still need surgery.  Usually these surgeries are done after a phase of Orthodontics or sometimes they are done immediately after surgery.  Please discuss these situations with your doctors at Berininov for planning and for getting the procedure done.